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Why participate in WCS?
Talisman Energy will engage with stakeholders to build trust, understanding and positive working relationships. We believe that working with the West Central Stakeholders facilitates our ability to achieve this goal through its commitment to sharing information, fostering mutual respect and creating understanding between industry and stakeholders.​
-Jan Palsen, Talisman Energy

​Our stakeholder group addresses creative ways to inform the public on a variety of topics such as road use, noise concerns, and water or air quality that impacts us all. With our information nights it has opened up opportunity for landowners to have a voice, which in turn, gives WCS the format for further dialogue on issues or concerns.

-Brenda Ross, community member

​Being part of West Central Stakeholders administration provides Clearwater County with a platform to network with residents and industry.

-Michelle Marshall, Clearwater County
West Central Stakeholders is the most effective forum in this area for us to get our messages to the community and to hear back from the community about their concerns, suggestions and support. WCS information nights are a best practice that has been copied by other groups throughout the province. 

-Eric Berg, Shell 
Clearwater County region email:wcs@westcentralsh.com | call: (403) 847-8086