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Through involvement with the West Central Stakeholders, a student will gain exposure to the process of synergy between industry, government and community. On satisfactory completion of this program, the student would qualify for a bursary of $500 to be used toward post secondary education.

Interested students must apply to West Central Stakeholders to qualify including the following information:
*A letter from the student expressing his/her desire to be a part of the WCS as well as the student’s educational and career goals, including how this connects to the oil and gas industry
* Recommendation letter from teacher/administrator with verification of student’s enrollment in school
* Any experience with the oil and gas industry

* Any student accepted for this bursary program would be expected to attend a minimum of 6 West Central Stakeholders meetings through the school year (meetings are held monthly from September to June.)
* The student would be expected to participate in meetings. Participation could include presenting concerns/viewpoints from students and peers. 
* The student would also be expected to take pertinent information back to their peers and school administration i.e. advertising Information Nights or promoting shelter-in-place.
* The student would be expected to assist in the planning of any WCS events such as Information Nights.
* The student would be expected to prepare a presentation at the end of the year, for both WCS and for the school, detailing what he/she has experienced and learned and how this has been a benefit. 

The synergy movement in Alberta between the oil/gas industry, community stakeholders, government and regulators is a unique, powerful and challenging process that can transfer into many other areas and relationships where seemingly opposing interests work together for solutions that create something better than each could achieve alone. There is real benefit for young people to see this process in action, participate in it, learn new relational skills, and cultivate the value of seeing another's point-of-view. 
A variety of skills can be developed including oral and written communication, meeting management and protocol, meeting/group facilitation, event planning and advertising. 
Student will learn about the oil/gas and agriculture industries, aboriginal groups in the area and the interfacing of local and provincial government with industry and citizens.
The student will also be able to make contacts with people (and potential employers) in oil/gas, agriculture, government and regulators, indigenous leadership and facilitators.

Please forward any questions and completed applications to 
West Central Stakeholders facilitator Rick Anderson at:

Phone: 403-847-8086 

Mail: West Central Stakeholders
       Box 684
        Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 1A5

Application deadline for 2020/21 school year is September 23rd. 

What past students are saying about West Central Stakeholders:
Being a student with them has allowed me to broaden my perspective of the different sides of a situation.
-Ashley Sands

I learned that people that attend the meetings wanted to hear your voice, not just watch you sit there.
-Curtis Cech

Synergy is an incredibly efficient way of solving conflicts.
-Haley Hanson

All round I gained a lot of knowledge from the WCS  program.
-Harper Wuth

It really opened my eyes to what is going on around me.
-Cody Hogberg
Clearwater County region email:wcs@westcentralsh.com | call: (403) 847-8086