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Information Nights
West Central Stakeholders puts on two public information nights each year covering a wide range of topics.

Presentations from some of our past Information Nights may be available on request.  If you are interested in a particular presentation, please contact the facilitator to check for availability.

​Fall 2016- Pipelines in Our Backyard: Landowner Liabilities & Implications - Staying Safe, Managing Risk

Spring 2016- Reclamation & Remediation: "The Dirt on Cleaning Up"

Fall 2015-  W5 - Water Use in Industry: Who, What, When, Where, Why...and a bit about How

Spring 2015- Who Ya Gonna Call?: Landowner Assistance - Negotiation and Beyond

Fall 2014- Cumulative Effects: "Roses and Thorns"
A Workshop

Spring 2014- Regulating Oil & Gas: "Who Ya Gonna Call?"

Fall 2013- Orphaned, Abandoned or Reclaimed: What Really Happens at the End of Life for Oil and Gas?

​Spring 2013- Down the Road: Regulating Unconventional Oil and Gas in the Future

​Fall 2012 - Fracturing & Water Use

Spring 2012 - Air Quality

Fall 2011 - The Public and the Patch: What You May Not Know

Spring 2011 - Working Together Towards Sustainable and Responsible Use of OUR West Country

Fall 2010 - Hydraulic Fracturing

Spring 2010 - Pipelines

Spring 2009 - Understanding Landowner Rights

Clearwater County region email:wcs@westcentralsh.com | call: (403) 847-8086

We are currently in planning stage for our next information session.  We will be posting information as it develops.